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Rob Negrelli is an Investment Officer for a large public pension fund where he manages their private equity portfolio. He personally owns interests in every major publicly-traded company in the world (you can too if you read the first recommendation!), with a significant concentration in real estate. Rob was previously an Executive Vice President, consulting for a Singapore-based real estate software company with locations in Tokyo and Seattle. He has also been a Senior Vice President at Oaktree Capital, a global asset management firm, based in Los Angeles. He previously provided financial education on a weekly television show, distributed exclusively on his eponymous YouTube channel. Rob has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Miami University and received a Certificate in Real Estate from UCLA Extension, awarded with distinction. Rob is the sole trustee of the RJ Capital Foundation, a donor-advised charity that supports health and human services. He has been published in multiple periodicals, including Preqin and the Institute for Fiduciary Education. You can find Rob in Indianapolis, Indiana.As you can probably tell, Rob's rigorously analytical about how he allocates capital in both his professional and private life. So, you know his essentials are undervalued.

Rob's Eight Essentials

Rob's Eight Essentials

#1 The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham: Warren Buffett says it is "the best book about investing ever written." I agree.

#2 6-Quart Programmable Crock-Pot: This six-quart crock-pot can serve over seven plus people, or just me. I press a button in the morning before work, and by dinner I have a hot meal waiting. For someone that is a poor cook like me, it doesn't get any easier!

#3 ThompsonTee Sweat Proof Undershirt: This t-shirt withstood an overnight redeye flight from Los Angeles to New York, all day meetings, and then the 5pm flight back to LA. It saves my dress shirts, no sweat!

#4 Long Handle Shoehorn: I love slipping my socks into my shoes like smooth butter without untying the laces. Every second in the morning counts, so I save a few more with this device.

#5 BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector: This projector has a much larger screen than a TV, uses less space, and is a lot easier for me to move by myself. All I need is a blank wall and my friends for the Super Bowl party!

#6 Bicycle Standard Face Cards: I can entertain myself, my friends, and take some money off my "not friends." Having a good deck of cards around is essential, particularly one with all 52 cards.

#7 Elijah Craig Bourbon: Whiskey prices have appreciated at a rapid pace. Elijah Craig remains a premium bourbon for a not premium price. Elijah Craig was an American Baptist Preacher, so I feel comfortable sipping on Sunday (keeps the scaries away.)

#8 Amazon Echo Dot: Sure, the Echo has gotten a little mouthy recently, but for those tough long division problems, checking on the weather, and asking your favorite actor's age, nothing beats it. I also frequently set alarms and reminders. Have fun with your personal assistant; my Echo's name is "Echo" and has an Australian accent.

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